Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sport confusion

ok so lately i've been having a lot of trobule finding a sport that i want to get really good at instead of just playing for fun. the two sports i'm really passionate for and that i really love are
i spent hours on end thinking about which one i would chase after and which one i could only play for fun. i really don't have enouhg time to pursue both on a select level. i'm already on a soccer team that trains for 2 days, then travels to italy to play in a championship, and i'm on my school gymnastics team. i eventually came to the desicion that i would pursue cheerleading professionally and do the soccer team that i'm currently on now. i gave select soccer a try and now i'm gonna give cheerleading a try. i'm doing gymnasics with my school, and to prepare fo tryouts this summer, im gonna take private lessons for cheer. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

mom, i know you'll probably never see this blog, but thank you so much. you helped me find a desicion that allowed me to play both of the sports i love , and get really good at one. i know i'll always have your support. you were positive, unlike dad who was rather negitive about the whole thing, saying i'd have to give up alot more than what i ended up doing. I LOVE YOU MOMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if there is a god, could you preform one miracle for my mom today. she deserves it)

cassie :)

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