Monday, February 11, 2008

cheerleading issues!!!!!

uggggggggg. i'm having some difficulty in cheer right now. its really hard for me to throw my back handspring (haha aj i didn't say the c word[for those who don't know, the c word is can't, which aj says i should never say] ). i just get soo nervous everytime i do it. but in the back of my head i know that if i do it once then i'll be able to get over my fear for the day or moment or some amount of when i do it my elbows and wrists hurt really bad, but i'm gonna build my arm strength with good conditioning. hopefully :)

oh yeah and another thing: AJ MIGHT QUIT!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

she thinks that everyone on the team has an issue with her, but when i asked how can she tell, she said that she thinks that they'll eventually hate her. WHICH THEY WON"T!!!!!!!! she thinks shes being annoying and bossy when really its niki whos being annoying and bossy. plus shes a huge positive influence and everyone luvs her in the gym! (no aj im not just writing this cuz i know u can read it. its true and u know it) and she thinks that i dont want her to stay. BULL!!!!! i love aj sooooo much and i love her in the gym (who else would make me not say can't). but we had a similar conversation last year and i can see why she would want to go, cuz its boring cuz she already knows all the skills.

uggg its a lot more complicated than a workout :)

peace out!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

cute picture

hey yall i saw this picture on Its a really cool website that has all sorts of funny clothes on it, specifically in pjs! heres a pattern on a t-shirt that they have that i thought was really cute! i'm really short so it was even more funny 2 me!

here are some more awesome pictures for ur enjoyment (not from that website)