Monday, February 11, 2008

cheerleading issues!!!!!

uggggggggg. i'm having some difficulty in cheer right now. its really hard for me to throw my back handspring (haha aj i didn't say the c word[for those who don't know, the c word is can't, which aj says i should never say] ). i just get soo nervous everytime i do it. but in the back of my head i know that if i do it once then i'll be able to get over my fear for the day or moment or some amount of when i do it my elbows and wrists hurt really bad, but i'm gonna build my arm strength with good conditioning. hopefully :)

oh yeah and another thing: AJ MIGHT QUIT!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

she thinks that everyone on the team has an issue with her, but when i asked how can she tell, she said that she thinks that they'll eventually hate her. WHICH THEY WON"T!!!!!!!! she thinks shes being annoying and bossy when really its niki whos being annoying and bossy. plus shes a huge positive influence and everyone luvs her in the gym! (no aj im not just writing this cuz i know u can read it. its true and u know it) and she thinks that i dont want her to stay. BULL!!!!! i love aj sooooo much and i love her in the gym (who else would make me not say can't). but we had a similar conversation last year and i can see why she would want to go, cuz its boring cuz she already knows all the skills.

uggg its a lot more complicated than a workout :)

peace out!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

cute picture

hey yall i saw this picture on Its a really cool website that has all sorts of funny clothes on it, specifically in pjs! heres a pattern on a t-shirt that they have that i thought was really cute! i'm really short so it was even more funny 2 me!

here are some more awesome pictures for ur enjoyment (not from that website)

Monday, January 28, 2008

cool doodles

okay theres this really cool wesite that my friend from camp's mom draws. they are really cool. i put my two favorites on my blog, but the wesite is

here are my 2 fav pix!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

last night i wanted a snow day soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad... AND I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all of you new yorkers(yaya we rock) if you know where the store citizen cupcake is (thats this cool little pastry shop that has the cutest cupcakes eva, but they're like 3.50$ so i dont eat there a lot, but the girl who works there is mandy and shes sooo kewl! we luv 2 talk b4 school), there's this hill behind it that's sooo good 4 sledding. its pretty hard to find good sledding places in the heart of NY, but i manage :) . ya my cousins josh and lyle went back there and we were sledding 4 hours! then we went bac 2 my aunts apartment and had mochas and played DDR untill we died :) i <3> but i live like few blocks from mine!! it rox. they're my age 2, so we can totally relate! and i give them tips on how 2 pick up girls, and they tell me about guys. my cousin lyle once really wanted 2 impress his friends at the school district-wide dance, and so we pretended that i was his girlfriend!! it was sooo funny, but i am a year older than lyle, so the sight of a 9th grader dancing with an 8th grader awed his friends! but we had a great time and i spent the night at his house on his couch.
luv my cousins! if ur reading this josh and lyle, i luv ya!

ha i've got snow 2 play in ppl!
l8r my g8rs!

cassie :)

we'll scream loud at the top of our lungs
and they'll think its just cuz we're young
but we'll feel soo alive
throw it away
4get yesterday
we'll make the great escape

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sport confusion

ok so lately i've been having a lot of trobule finding a sport that i want to get really good at instead of just playing for fun. the two sports i'm really passionate for and that i really love are
i spent hours on end thinking about which one i would chase after and which one i could only play for fun. i really don't have enouhg time to pursue both on a select level. i'm already on a soccer team that trains for 2 days, then travels to italy to play in a championship, and i'm on my school gymnastics team. i eventually came to the desicion that i would pursue cheerleading professionally and do the soccer team that i'm currently on now. i gave select soccer a try and now i'm gonna give cheerleading a try. i'm doing gymnasics with my school, and to prepare fo tryouts this summer, im gonna take private lessons for cheer. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

mom, i know you'll probably never see this blog, but thank you so much. you helped me find a desicion that allowed me to play both of the sports i love , and get really good at one. i know i'll always have your support. you were positive, unlike dad who was rather negitive about the whole thing, saying i'd have to give up alot more than what i ended up doing. I LOVE YOU MOMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if there is a god, could you preform one miracle for my mom today. she deserves it)

cassie :)

check out my brother's, i mean my brother's ferret's blog

hey guys, my brother max made a blog and i want more ppl to check it out! it's CHECK IT OUT!!!!! its funny :)

l8r my g8rs!

my controlling parental unit, fajah, who i am so upset with that he gets his own blog entry


notice my angryness in the big red bold text. so since i live in new york, it snows many times, but not in great amounts. whenever there is a large amount of snow, we get the day off from school or it starts 2 hours later than usual. (btw every monday actually starts at 10:00 instead of 7, so we get to sleep in and get a shorter school day HAZA!!!!!!) today was one of those very snowy days and school was scheduled to start 2 hours later than usual. AND it was a monday so school started at 10 anyways, so that means today it wouldn't really start untill 12 and get out at 1:30 giving us an HOUR AND A HALF OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!! newsfalsh here, when you have 90 minutes of school and 7 period, your pereiods are 15 minutes each!!!!!!!! 15 STUPID MINUTES!!! so, no one was going to school. i mean NO ONE. not a single kid in out apartment was going, and the only friend that i knew was going was josey. thats it. so, my dad left for work before we woke up and when we couldn't get a ride to school, he drove back from his work which is 45 minutes away, and picked us up at 9:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he dropped us off at the library at 9:30, which was closed due to snow, and so we had to sit around in freezing cold new york for 2 and 1/2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW LONG 3 HOURS IS WHEN YOU'RE SITTING IN THE SNOW THAT YOU COULD BE SLEDDING IN WITH YOUR LITTLE BROTHER FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was insanly retarded. my mom said we should've stayed home but my stupi dad made us sit outside the library for 3 hours! we spent more time there than we did in school. worst part was we had no money or cell phones(mine's been taken away cuz i was late coming home from a sleepover and max's is a firefly thing that only calls mom, dad, and 911). it was so boring and i'm so freaking pissed off. i planned on skipping school, but with aj's birthday coming up, i knew my dad would ground me from going, so i just was "accidently" late to first period. serves him right. uggg im so mad!

i know i'll forgive him soon but right i'd liek nothing better than to shove food in his face
holla to all the girls who know exactly how i feel

l8r my g8rs

RE: girl drama

so as it turns out ALL IS WELLL IN THE WORLD AGAiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy happy joy joy

the stuff with josey really was over and she trusts me again. she would talk 2 me about jason again and she ends the random txts that she sends me with CIAO! (huge inside joke, i say its spelled chow, she says its spelled ciao, which yes i know it really is spelled that way but its out inside joke so u all can't make fun of it :p)

ahhh... bliss. it probably won't las long but i'll bask in it for now

cassie :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

girl drama(like always)

ugh ugh yuckyness ugh. this ALWAYS happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FREAKING DRAMA!!!!!! its like some people (cough cough SADIE) need it to survive. so i was at a sleepover a few weekends ago with my friends aj, sadie, and katy. it was like any girl sleepover, we talked and talked and talked about everything. (actually i think katy felt a little left out but idk) so eventually we get onto the subject of jason(hes a guy that aj went out with for a bit) and right now my friend josey likes him a lot. shes kinda afraid to ask him out cuz idk i guess she feels like jason is ajs property (which is insane). since josey is my great friend (aj’s my bffl), at a sleepover a while ago in may i asked aj a lot of stuff bout jason pretending that i liked him so that josey could get so info. i was never really gonna tell aj about it but turns out it had really been bugging her, so at the more recent sleepover i did. aj has always known that josey likes jason, but i kinda "confirmed" it for her. but then SADIE went and told josey that i was talking about her behind her back, which i really wasn't. actually i guess i was but i never said anything bad about her and it didn't change the info that aj already knew. so on monday when i wsa back at school, joseys pissed off one day then the next she said shes over it and that she doesn't care


but even tho she said all that idk if i have her trust anymore

all i can do is hope 4 the best and maybe she'll trust me agian

girls rule, but really we're weird

except me and aj and some other ppl

l8r my g8rs!!!


introduction to moi!!!! :)

hola the peoples of my nation!!!!! my name's cassie and welcome to my totally awesome blog! this is bassically my "let it out place". yes i'm aware that this is public and all over the internet but i don't really know a single person who checks out this site, so to hell with it! i'll try to explain my situations best here, but hey im just a girl, not some super writer girl! hope u enjoy the blog!

l8r g8rs