Friday, January 11, 2008

girl drama(like always)

ugh ugh yuckyness ugh. this ALWAYS happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FREAKING DRAMA!!!!!! its like some people (cough cough SADIE) need it to survive. so i was at a sleepover a few weekends ago with my friends aj, sadie, and katy. it was like any girl sleepover, we talked and talked and talked about everything. (actually i think katy felt a little left out but idk) so eventually we get onto the subject of jason(hes a guy that aj went out with for a bit) and right now my friend josey likes him a lot. shes kinda afraid to ask him out cuz idk i guess she feels like jason is ajs property (which is insane). since josey is my great friend (aj’s my bffl), at a sleepover a while ago in may i asked aj a lot of stuff bout jason pretending that i liked him so that josey could get so info. i was never really gonna tell aj about it but turns out it had really been bugging her, so at the more recent sleepover i did. aj has always known that josey likes jason, but i kinda "confirmed" it for her. but then SADIE went and told josey that i was talking about her behind her back, which i really wasn't. actually i guess i was but i never said anything bad about her and it didn't change the info that aj already knew. so on monday when i wsa back at school, joseys pissed off one day then the next she said shes over it and that she doesn't care


but even tho she said all that idk if i have her trust anymore

all i can do is hope 4 the best and maybe she'll trust me agian

girls rule, but really we're weird

except me and aj and some other ppl

l8r my g8rs!!!


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